Thursday, 3 September 2009

Chess and Music

Music has always played a special part in chess players' lives. For example, Taimanov and Smyslov were music professionals as well as top chess players of their time. No, I'm not planning on becoming a music professional myself. I can't even play any instruments or sing. I'm more interested in exploring the topic of what music chess players use to motivate themselves.

I think it's important to be mentally prepared for a chess game and I find fast-paced music helps me with that. Walking while listening to music is even better, as it gets all the blood circulating ready for a game. In my recent tournament I was mainly listening to Linkin Park, Shakira and Flo Rida.

I think I especially like Linkin Park, as their occasional screaming definitely wakes me up and makes me want to win! Do check out one of their recent songs with a cool video on YouTube: It doesn't have any mad screaming in it, but still rather good! I wouldn't mind seeing their gig, but I think I would be a bit scared standing among the crowd for fear of being accidentally squashed by overly excited rock-lovers.

I do try to go to rock and indie gigs when I can, though I struggle more and more to convince my girlfriends to come along with me. I guess my taste in music is not very girly. Right now I am really looking forward to Green Day at Wembley Arena in November. I have seats - wimp :) Well, I don't particularly like being covered in beer like all the standing crowd does. Billie Joe Armstrong is almost cute beneath all that eye make-up, so maybe that would convince my girlfriends to come along! :) Besides, Wembley Arena is one of the best venues in London. Green Day is also playing in O2 Arena, but O2 has terrible sound quality. Once was enough to convince me to never go there again.

I leave you with my favourite Green Day song. It's a few years old, but still the best!

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