Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Reykjavik Tournament

I'm finally back in England and glad to be back! I enjoyed Iceland - it's definitely worth seeing, though it might be a bit more enjoyable in the summer as it wouldn't be so cold. After the tournament finished Simon and I hired a car for a couple of days and saw some amazing scenery, hot geysers and the Blue Lagoon. Just look at this waterfall called Skogafoss!

The Blue Lagoon is an open-air swimming pool with unnaturally light blue water because of all the minerals. While your head is in the open air of about 0 degrees Celsius with nasty wind blowing from every direction, the water is a very pleasant 38 degrees Celsius. We spent about 2 hours in there and it was very relaxing. Here is another waterfall called Gullfoss - do you think I look a bit cold?? Not only it was cold, there were a lot of cold water droplets blowing from the waterfall.

So how about chess? I didn't do very well again. I got my usual 3.5 out of 9 and lost lots of rating again - about 13 points. Here is the official tournament site if you'd like to have a look: Reykjavik Open. I found this tournament pretty hard going maybe because I've overdone on chess a bit lately. Since I played at Uxbridge and at the 4NCL it means I had almost no breaks from playing chess since 13th February. I don't know how professionals do it, perhaps I need to get fitter physically! It's very hard mentally as well if you don't get the results you think you should. Bearing all that in mind, I've decided to have a break from tournaments for a month and train instead. My next tournament will be in Thailand in April and until then I'd just be playing occasional league games. I didn't even have any interesting games worth showing, so instead I'll dig into my games archive from the past few months and show you something interesting from there in the coming posts. I was also a bit disappointed that no one played the King's Indian or Nimzo-Indian against me! I really need to practice those openings. Anyway, here I am at the Reykjavik tournament.

The tournament itself was very well organised and the venue was very pleasant. We even went to the chess quiz and blitz in the evenings. Our team of four English players did pretty well at the quiz despite being half an hour late! And the blitz - well, don't mention the blitz! I'm terrible at it so I'll see you on the ICC and Playchess trying to improve!

This week should be pretty good as it will be my birthday and I have a couple of celebrations planned with my friends. I also have a sweet tooth so very looking forward to yummy desserts and cakes!


Alberto Santini said...

Happy (near) birthday! :)

When I don't get the results, I give a look at the way I lost. If I fought and the opponent outplayed me, I can tolerate the result. But if it is a blunder... I enter in "sigh" mood. :)

You can play some games (45 45) on ICC:

I (IceBox) play for the team Burritos Brothers.

Anonymous said...


You do look cold. In fact you look like you have shrunk in the cold and were even about to pass over.
I think you will do better in a hot country like Thailand and predict a big increase in rating after that.


Anonymous said...

don't worry much about results yet. while training and improving it is quite usual that results are slacking. you will eventually see the difference.

good luck!

Maria Yurenok said...

Thanks Alberto! 3 more days to go :)

I get annoyed with myself if my opponent outplayed me but after the game I realise that I was making the kind of moves I expect myself not to do! Ok, I'll have a look at your ICC link - don't know what 45 45 means but anyway :)

Rob, you made me laugh out loud. Thanks!

And thanks to the Anonymous supporter too! :)

Anonymous said...

DONT GIVE UP!!!!Keep trying! Eventually your hard work will pay off with satisfying rewards. I think physical excersise is a good idea like you suggested before. Keep a good balance of physical ability and mental ability.

Good luck, Kishan

Maria Yurenok said...

Thanks Kishan, I'm not giving up!! :)